Frequently asked questions Service provides exchange services of crypto currency (title signs), as well as their input and output.

Exchange transactions take place with the participation of the operator — working hours: 10:00-23:00 GMT +4
Advice on technical issues you can obtain from the operator, the operator time: 10:00-23:00 GMT +4
Weekends and holidays: Free schedule. The operator works at any convenient time (typically the beginning of the first half of the day and the end of the second half).

On the home page in the field "give" choose a calculation method which will be easy to pay for your application, in the field "receive" select the e-currency you want poluchiti click on it. After registration you will receive details on which You need to complete the transaction.

Immediately after making payment, You must notify us about the payment, putting the ID transaction and clicking the "submit request" You will see after registration.

After You made the payment and clicked "submit request" — the system will check Your translation and send it to your Email letter of receipt of payment. After this, during usually 2-48 hours is the transfer of title characters on Your account.
After the exchange Email a letter of request with payment details.

This identification number is perfect you surgery when you pay to our Bank details.
This need for faster validation of your payment.

Our service processes all incoming/outgoing transactions from 60 minutes to 48 hours depending on network traffic.

Fast delivery/transfer of funds may depend on the payment systems(banks) that will participate in the exchange, the maximum can reach up to 3-4 business days.

If You specified when making a request your email address, the system sent You the link in the email, You can go through it and finish the process of exchange of funds.

There are several reasons why this could happen:

Possible causes:

— Problems on the side of the payment system or Bank. Once the problems are resolved, funds in the shortest time will be transferred to Your account.

— Your wallet in the payment system or Bank account is locked or has restrictions. In this case, the funds sent by You will be returned to the same payment details received from the transfer, less the fee of the payment system or Bank. within 1-7 working days

— You were provided incorrect payment details. If specified account exists, and the tools we were sent, You should contact the owner of the account, and try to solve the issue with him. If the specified account does not exist, and the translation is "stuck" in our system, after Your identification, we will send the translation on the correct details.

Attention! In exchange, three parties are involved — Payment system / our service / banking service

Slow applications often occur because of technical errors on the side of the EPS or Banks

In this case, once the problems are resolved the application will be processed (real time — up to 24 hours)

The application will be denied automatically if after 24 hours the robot has not recorded an incoming payment from you for your application.
The main reasons:
— You have not made payment or has not notified us of the payment within 24 hours of the filing of the application;
— You, the amount transferred is different from the one that was specified in the application form (strictly of a penny) in consequence of which the robot did not record your payment as your
— You provided in the request incorrect information about yourself;
— If you pay with a VISA / MASTERCARD check is available on your card the required amount for the payment requests; open your card for transactions on the Internet using CVV code; check with your Bank whether there are limits on the card transactions in the Internet.

It is impossible to exchange (Deposit, withdrawal, autoexchange) in favor of third parties. the Client of the exchange office needs to do input or output only from/to their Bank details, your name on their accounts in other payment systems, etc. in Other words, the exchange transaction must involve only 2 (but not 3!) face — it-yourself exchange and its client. Wallet-the wallet sender and the recipient in the operations of the autoexchange WM<->WM should belong to the same WMID.
The conclusion in favor of outsiders (including relatives) is not allowed. Input (getting WM) in exchange for the funds deposited to the exchange by third parties (including relatives) is not allowed.